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At every step of the egg freezing journey it can feel like there is a lot at stake. The world of fertility can feel sometimes feel overwhelming, but we also know that with the right information and support, things can feel much clearer.

Our advisors are on hand to help you feel comfortable and confident in your choices.

Egg Advisory

Fertility varies uniquely from one individual to another.

Our Egg advisory service allows you to explore the real-life options available at any stage of your egg freezing pathway. This could be before deciding to freeze, a "check in" to review your eggs in storage, using your eggs, transport options, or alternative uses if egg storage is no longer required.

Speaking to an Egg Advisor gives you the facts you need for decision making in a detailed and personalised way while also providing realistic expectations for the current technologies and what they mean for you.

Our Egg Advisors are positioned to have up to date information and patient clinic experience. An Egg Advisor can also signpost you to other professionals if you have concerns about your medical or genetic family history, wish to seek legal advice or understand regulations in other countries.

All Egg Advisor sessions are independent from egg freezing providers, are confidential, and are non-directive.

about our egg advisors

Our Egg Advisors are experienced in the field of egg freezing. They are on hand to offer independent advice for fertility-related topics, including medical procedures, reproductive options, and the practical aspects of egg freezing, storage, usage and consent.

A 45 minute session with an Egg Advisor is an opportunity to delve deeper into your personal fertility background and to understand your fertility treatment options for family-building now and for the future.

Photograph of Chief Egg Advisor, Dr. Valerie Shaikly PhD FRCPath FAHCS

Chief Egg Advisor, Dr. Valerie Shaikly PhD FRCPath FAHCS

Valerie Shaikly is a consultant clinical scientist specialising in reproductive science. Valerie has over 30 years of experience working in the field of fertility, genetics and IVF and trained under the tutorship of Professor Lord Robert Winston.

Valerie is a fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists and Institute of Biomedical Scientists and is registered as a Higher Specialist Clinical Scientist with the Academy of Healthcare Science and registered with the Health Care Professions Council, she also works with various professional committees and training programmes in the sector.

She would say she has been honoured to be the laboratory lead at the first clinic in the UK to receive a licence to freeze and thaw eggs in 2004. Valerie works within her own practice and various charities to promote patient fairness and information and is here to offer personalised, accurate and independent support.

Photograph of Ruth o'Dwyer, Egg Advisor

Ruth o'Dwyer, Egg Advisor

Ruth is a highly experienced professional in Women's Health and Fertility, bringing over a decade of expertise as a Midwife and Fertility Nurse Specialist. With advanced qualifications in Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Medical Ultrasound, Ruth's commitment to patient care is evident. She is currently pursuing a MSc in Women's Health and holds memberships with prestigious organisations such as European Society of Human Reproduction & Embryology and European Fertility Society. This ensures she remains at the forefront of fertility advancements and that her practice is rooted in science and informed by the latest research.

Ruth's professional journey has been profoundly shaped by her personal experiences. Enduring multiple egg collections and ICSI cycles to have her two children, she intimately understands the challenges of infertility. This firsthand experience fuels her passion for providing comprehensive support and guidance to individuals navigating their own unique journey. Ruth's professional passion now lies in empowering others through fertility education. Her mission is unwavering: to offer compassionate support and expert guidance, ensuring individuals feel empowered on their personal fertility journey.

egg therapy

Fertility decisions can be emotional.

Our Egg Therapy service represents our full appreciation that egg freezing (and all the subsequent after steps) is a significant personal journey that touches on multiple aspects of our lives.

You may be anxious at a conscious level, or equally not be appearing to be feeling anything difficult. Whichever way you are experiencing yourself and presenting to others, it is likely that you will be feeling a lot.

A fully confidential Egg Therapy session with an experienced and compassionate facilitator can be extremely helpful for you to connect to the deeper questions about your decisions.

If you are already in therapy, this may feel less important. However, if you would value a specific Egg Therapy appointment, you are very welcome to book one.

about our egg therapists

Our therapists work to the highest standards, and are all mature and experienced in their practice. As well as holding safety and the containing space that encourages the exploration of any fertility related anxiety or concerns, they also offer many simple, yet exceptionally effective tools for managing stress, or difficult feelings that may arise during the process of egg freezing. In these one hour, online, 121 sessions personal feelings will be gently identified, explored and skilfully supported.

Photograph of Caroline Bobby,  Egg Therapist

Caroline Bobby, Egg Therapist

Caroline has been practicing for over 30 years, and runs a home-based private practice both internationally on zoom and in situ in London.

She trained initially at The Psychosynthesis & Education Trust, going on to do her MA in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at The Tavistock & Portman Trust.

She has deep experience of working with couples, individuals and the trans community on matters of fertility, gender and identity. Caroline continues to grow her professional practice by taking many smaller trainings that speak to her deeper interests.

She would say that she essentially works with human beings, and is continuously moved and fascinated by all that makes us most human.

She is experienced, safe, welcoming, and skilful at finding you where you are, inviting the kind of nervous system relaxation that helps whatever needs to be explored, feel accessible and easeful.


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